Benefits of Membership in the Island Equipment Owners Association

Membership year is July 1st to June 30th
Dues - $350.00 per year + 5% GST

The quality and dependability of the membership, whose skill, capability and integrity have been established in the area, are the reasons why you deal with a greater measure of confidence with a member of the ISLAND EQUIPMENT OWNERS ASSOCIATION. Over the years the focus of the organization has been invigorated and expanded with particular emphasis on filling needs within the community that benefit and relate to members of the Association. The extraordinary way in which so many of our members come together to support our community projects and the Truck Light and Food Parade encourages us to continue the founding traditions of the IEOA.

1. Membership is divided into two catagories:

  • Equipment Owners
  • Suppliers

2. General Meetings – Dues pay for one person per Member Company at dinner meetings. Guests may be invited at a charge of $35.00 per person.

  • General membership meetings are held four times a year.
  • As part of the IEOA member promotion program {who we are and what we can do for you} presentations can be made at General Meetings.
  • Guest Speakers – industry related

3. Annual Bursary – Minimum of $2,500.00 - up to $8,500.00

  • An employee or dependant of an employee or principal of an IEOA member company can apply for this scholarship.

4. Newsletter – Members can provide advertising material for inclusion, at no cost.

5. Annual IEOA Members Handbook

  • Pertinent member information is included in the membership roster section of the handbook. The purpose of the handbook is to inform our clientele of the diverse types of equipment and services that we can offer them.
  • This handbook is distributed to all members, consultants, fire departments, construction companies and municipalities.
  • Handbook contains a suggested equipment rate section. This section is revised annually.

6. Membership listing on IEOA website – Member’s email address and/or website will be linked on the IEOA website.

7. Opportunity to sit on the following committees

  • Truck Light Convoy Committee
  • IEOA Founder’s Bursary Committee
  • Golf Tournament Committee
  • Rate Review Committee
  • Project Review Committee

8. Preferred corporate rate plan with Accent Inns. These rates apply at Accent Inns in Victoria, Vancouver Airport, Burnaby, Kelowna and Kamloops.

9. 10% off selected merchandise at Mark’s Workwear House

10. Social Activities

  • Christmas Party in November- Dues pay for one person per Member Company, plus one guest. Guests may be invited for a nominal fee. Maximum 8 people per Member Company.
  • Summer Barbecue in June - Dues pay for one person per Member Company, plus one guest. Guests may be invited for a nominal fee.
  • Golf Tournament - July

11. IEOA Membership gives you – NETWORKING

  • An opportunity to know your competitors as individuals and enjoy their friendship and respect.
  • A medium of exchange with others having similar business problems.

12. The Association acts as your spokesman at all levels of government.

13. The Association works on behalf of members on matters that are industry related (Work Safe BC, municipal bylaws, ICBC, CRD, Fortis BC, etc.)

14. Community involvement

  • Community volunteer projects
  • Christmas Truck Light Convoy and Food Drive
  • Donations to community organizations

Application Forms

Equipment Owner Membership Application
Supplier Membership Application