A Symbol of Progress

The Island Equipment Owners Association (IEOA) was formed in 1964 to create harmony among those in the heavy equipment, hauling and gravel fields, with an objective of better service at a fair rate. Much thought, planning and effort has gone into the IEOA to promote the interest and conserve the rights of those engaged in the contracting industry. The main operations of the IEOA relate to heavy construction industries, road building and municipal services. The Association represents a large number of civil contractors, equipment suppliers and operators and industry related dealer/suppliers on southern Vancouver Island. The IEOA currently have a membership of 173 companies.

The IEOA was incorporated in June 1964. The founding members were:

  • Len Wakeman, Wakeman & Trimble Contractors Ltd.
  • John Kissinger, Kissinger Bulldozing
  • Tony Trace, Webb & Trace Ltd.
  • Pat Carson, Pat Carson Bulldozing Ltd.
  • Robert Copley, Copley Bros. Contracting Ltd.
  • Ken Oliver, Midland Construction Ltd.
  • John Chew, Chew Excavating Ltd.
  • Lorne Broughton, Mutual Equipment Rentals Ltd.

The quality and dependability of the membership, whose skill, capability and integrity have been established in the area, are the reasons why you deal with a greater measure of confidence with a member of the ISLAND EQUIPMENT OWNERS ASSOCIATION. Over the years the focus of the organization has been invigorated and expanded with particular emphasis on filling needs within the community that benefit and relate to members of the Association. The extraordinary way in which so many of our members come together to support our community projects and the Truck Light and Food Parade encourages us to continue the founding traditions of the IEOA.

Contact Us

Office Address:
IEOA Island Equipment Owners Association
Unit 25 - 17 Cadillac Ave
Victoria, BC V8Z 1T3
Phone: (250) 382-4362
Fax: (250) 384-0141
email: info@ieoa.ca

Association Membership

In these days of inflated dollars, marginal profits and a tight and competitive construction industry, is it worth while forking out some of those hard-earned bucks to join an industry association? Is it a beneficial investment? Most important of all, what does it offer you that you can't get for yourself? Here is a run down of some the benefits of belonging to a trade association.

  1. Gives you an opportunity to know your competitors as individuals and enjoy their friendship and respect.
  2. Offers a medium of exchange with others having similar business problems.
  3. Acts as your spokesperson, when alone your own voice would be only a whisper.
  4. Keeps you informed of trade trends and changes.
  5. Gives you a code of ethics for your guidance and protection.
  6. Encourages uniform trade practices.
  7. Provides a voice that can be heard at all levels of government.